Print magazines fold – what can graphic designers do?

With news this week that Grafik Magazine had folded, I got to thinking about what the loss of print publications will mean for the design community. Between blogging, reading blogs, tweeting about blogs, networking on the web, surfing the web, and, most importantly, designing for the web, I have a lot less time to flip through the crisp paper of a print magazine. Here is my response to this troublesome trend and what I think can be done.

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Designing for a Cause: Full Code Press 2010 & Tips for Pro Bono Work

Don’t you love the satisfaction of handing in a completed project to eagerly awaiting clients? How about if that project was really going to make a change, and the client was an organization with a mission you believed in? For me, designing for a cause is up there on the list of supreme web design opportunities, the nirvana of sharing your talent with others on the web. It’s also a wonderful way for newbie designers to get a real project under their belt.

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10 Tips for Writing Web Copy That Works

On the web, content is key. Apart from the design, there’s a textual aspect to creating websites that not everyone takes advantage of in order to generate solid traffic. Writing can be difficult enough, let alone for a medium like the web that is instantaneous and geared toward constant diversions. Here are some basic tips for writing web copy that will make a difference to your audience.

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Infographics and Design for Better Government

I was surfing the web today and learned of a non-profit, non-partisan organization called Sunlight Labs that works to digitize (US) government information. This righteous community has its feet planted on the grounds that government should be transparent, accessible, and easy to understand for people like you and me. Read more »

Branding and Web Design for Restaurant L’Atzar

Restaurant L’Atzar and Emerald Interaction combined forces to come up with an overall identity that would inspire customers to find out for themselves what type of cuisine and atmosphere this new restaurant has to offer. The space is truly gorgeous, located on the site of a once-famous Catalan restaurant named El Purgatori. The design included a logotype, business cards, menus, a website, and some interior decoration.

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