12 Free High Resolution Wood Textures

This month, I thought it would be fun to publish a set of wood textures that others could use in their own design projects. The resolution of the photographs is 3072 x 2304 px and they’re freely available for you to download under a non-restrictive creative commons license.

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Composition assignments & tips for better graphic design

Composition, or how we place visual elements on a page, is a defining element that can make or break a design. I’ve scoured the web to come up with a list of resources, specifically assignments, explanations, tips and tutorials on the subject of composition. May they serve as inspiration for graphic and web designers like myself who are looking to refresh their skills or want to get back to the basics and have some fun.

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Website Redesign for Gayle Burbank

Where art and horticulture meet…” I’m writing to announce that a new and improved version of GayleBurbank.com is now on the web. After a lot of collaborative work with garden design professional and sculptor Gayle Burbank, we came up with a totally new look for her site.

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York Beach Vault T-shirt Design

The t-shirt was designed for members of the Patriot Pole Vault Club to wear to the annual York Beach Vault competition held on September 12th, 2009 in York, Maine. What better way to end the summer season than by vaulting on the beach?

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